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Serenity Water Fountain I24-071

Invite tranquility into your space with the soothing sounds of Bardenshire’s Serenity Water Fountain. Perched upon a tabletop, bench or dedicated pedestal, this stunning indoor fountain brings the elemental nature of water into your home, evoking a sense of calm and quiet rejuvenation wherever it’s placed.

Measuring 7.08 inches by 7.08 inches by 9.44 inches means you’ll have plenty of placement options, while the muted color palette melds well with any décor. Constructed of durable polyresin, Serenity features cascading stones sitting atop smooth pebbles, and offers the enchanting sound of flowing water. Enjoy the respite it instantly brings.


  • Materials: High quality durable polyresin
  • Measurements: 7.08-in long x 7.08-in wide x 9.44-in high
  • Assembly: Pump connection assembly required with simple instructions provided

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