Water Fountains

Amphora Falls IO35-249

The Amphora Falls Fountain is a classically designed set of vases that trickle water from one to another in a soothing rhythm that relaxes and comforts. Ideal for use either indoors or out, the Amphora Falls Fountain brings your home or garden a beauty and tranquility only found in high-end Bardenshire products.

Measuring 6.9 inches by 6.3 inches by 11 inches, the Amphora Falls Fountain works well as the focal point on a tabletop or nestled in amongst your blooming flowers. And weighing 4.1 pounds, the Amphora Falls Fountain is easily moveable to wherever you want it. The ceramic construction is meant to last many seasons indoors or out.

Let the Amphora Falls Fountain be the focal point in your garden or home, and enjoy the the relaxing sound of running water to soothe and comfort.

  • Ideal for an outdoor patio or indoor table top use
  • Constructed of ceramic to be durable and long-lasting
  • 6.9-in long x 6.3-in wide x 11-in high
  • 4.1-lbs
  • 72-inch power cord length
  • Pump connection assembly required
  • Simple instructions included

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